Insulin Insuman Rapid


Buy insulin as Insuman Rapid 5 x 3ml 100 I.U. /ml from Sanofi.

buy fast insulin for a steroid regimen with Human Growth Hormone Somatropin. How much insulin in bodybuilding?

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Buy insulin as Insuman Rapid 5 x 3ml 100 I.U. /ml from Sanofi.

buy fast insulin for a steroid regimen with Human Growth Hormone Somatropin. How much insulin in bodybuilding?

Buying insulin for bodybuilding

Buy fast insulin as short-chain Insuman Rapid for bodybuilding. There are a couple of scenarios, in which we want to actively provoke high insulin levels.
One of these scenarios is after a bodybuilder workout. did you know, that strength training itself is catabolic, So it is muscle wasting? During training itself, we severely injure our muscles and the stress ensures a steadily rising cortisol level (an antagonist of insulin). In the long run, this leads to muscle breakdown.

Insulin Insuman Rapid Sanofi

That's why it makes sense after training, to convert that catabolic environment into an anabolic one as quickly as possible – So to "swap" cortisol for short-chain insulin Insuman Rapid. We can do that, by having lots of simple carbohydrates (or protein containing leucine) take to us at once. This is the well-known post-workout shake.
Another benefit is, that the muscle cells are very receptive to the carbohydrates after training and soak them up like a dry sponge, thrown into a full bathtub.
So ideally you combine
  1. 0,5g of maltodextrin per 1kg of body weight with
  2. 40g Whey
In your shake, to create a high rise in blood sugar and displace cortisol in favor of insulin.

Insulin Insuman Rapid intake

The second scenario is about that, To avoid insulin Insuman Rapid specifically.
Remember back: When we have high insulin levels, our fat burning may not work properly. We can also use this to our advantage.

Therefore, by the way, there is also the “no carbohydrates” 18 Clock ”myth. Of course, you can also use carbohydrates without any problems 18 Take off the watch, But there is a little bit of truth in it. The idea behind it is, that with fewer carbohydrates we have lower insulin levels in the evening.

As a result, fat burning can proceed undisturbed. And that all night. So the last meal we eat before bed is protein and fats, fat burning can take place unhindered for a long time overnight. You should take advantage of that!

In addition, insulin Insuman Rapid also affects the secretion of the Growth hormones over night. Another, nice advantage. Many bodybuilders therefore traditionally rely on quark with nuts as the last meal before going to bed.

Sanofi facts and figures

Insulin Insuman Rapid is a hormone in our body. Hormones are quasi messenger substances for the cells. introduce yourself, the brain sends mail to the cells (Hormone). The cells open the mail, read the instructions in the letters and act accordingly. Easy, or?

Depending on, which hormones are active in our bloodstream, the cells behave differently. For example, if you're under adrenaline, the cells provide their energy. You can tell from it, that you suddenly become very alert and focused.
Insulin is made after consuming carbohydrates and also proteins (decisive for proteins containing leucine) released and signaled to the cells, that they should absorb nutrients.

So Insulin Insuman Rapid is an anabolic hormone.
It first puts the body into a "digestion mode". It happens not infrequently, that after consuming a lot of carbohydrates you will quickly get tired and feel weak.

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