Melanotan 2 Tanning agents


Melanotan 2 Buy tanning agents with 10mg, or order MT2 in the steroid shop. MT 2 is an injectable peptide hormone, which is used to promote tanning of the skin. MT2 works by stimulating the alpha melanocyte receptors, which promote the formation of melanin in response to exposure to the sun.

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Melanotan 2 Buy tanning agents with 10mg, or Order MT2 im Steroidshop. MT 2 is an injectable Peptidhormon, which is used to promote tanning of the skin. MT2 works by stimulating the alpha melanocyte receptors, which promote the formation of melanin in response to exposure to the sun. When a certain amount of MT2 has been used within the current so-called memory phase of the skin cells, does a person tan like that, as if she had a genetically darker skin type.

Melanotan 2 Buy tanning agents

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MT 2 Positive quality

  1. intensely tans the skin
  2. Can boost sex drive dramatically
  3. May promote muscle building by improving general wellbeing

MT 2 Infos

  1. Subcutaneous injection type
  2. Sneak in approx. 7 Days (0,02 mg x body weight[kg])/3
  3. Ladephase ca. 1 month 0,02 mg x body weight[kg]
  4. conservation (0,02 mg x body weight)/3 – all 2 Days should be enough

Melanotan 2 Tanning agents – How does it work?

Melanotan 2 Tanning agents or. Melanotan II is a peptide made up of seven amino acids, which combines the properties of a tanning agent and an aphrodisiac in one substance. It is a chemical analog of the naturally occurring melanocyte-stimulating hormone in humans (alpha-MSH). Investigations confirm, that the skin of humans already after the first low-dose subcutaneous administration of Melanotan 2 shows a visible tan. An increased libido is described as an accompanying phenomenon, as well as a significantly improved erectile function and a reduced feeling of hunger.

Melanotan 2 Tanning agent 10mg

We ship Melanotan 2 Tanning agent to Germany, to Austria and Switzerland. At the moment we are shipping from the EU, which guarantees a smooth delivery without any difficulties. That is what Melanotan offered 2 is exactly as stated above in a dosage of 10 mg Melanotan 2 pro Vial (Glass vials) sold. It has a purity of at least 99,0 Percent - we guarantee that! We regularly have the products of different batches examined in an independent laboratory, to ensure, that you are getting neither too low a dosage nor poor quality. With an order from us you acquire a product of very high value, laboratory-tested purity and enjoy excellent service at the same time.

tip: Please note, that you get the melanotan 2 Obtain tanning agent in powder form. You should store it in a cool place, if stored for several months, freeze them if necessary. From the moment, by mixing the peptide with water, however, you should store it in the refrigerator. Please do not store it in dissolved form in the freezer.

Mixing the baby drug:

Mix with NaCl solution or before use Sterile water necessary for injections. The starting substance and the water to be injected in preparation for intranasal and subcutaneous administration are identical, only the mixing ratio differs. Understandably, more sterile handling is recommended when preparing the solution for injection, to avoid later irritation at the puncture site from the injection.


The solution is imperative in the refrigerator be kept. The Melanotan II should be within 6 – 8 Weeks are consumed by a loss of active ingredient, as well as to exclude nucleation.

Melanotan 2 Tanning agent intake and dosage

The application is divided into three phases: Creep phase, Loading phase and maintenance phase

Melanotan 2 Tanning solution for injection is subcutaneous (into adipose tissue) injected. An insulin syringe with a thin needle is used for this. A suitable injection site for this is the abdomen.

1. Creep phase:

1.Tag: 0,25mg
2.Tag: 0,50mg
3.Tag: 0,75mg
4.Tag: 1,00mg

2. Ladephase:

From the 5. Day daily approx. 1,00mg. In the event of intolerance, the total dose can be divided into several individual doses.
As an alternative guideline, a dosage of 0,02 mg / kg body weight recommended for the loading phase.
The charging phase will continue until then, until the desired tanning result is achieved!

3. Maintenance phase:

In the maintenance phase it is enough, if you approx. 5take mg per month, it is best to distribute this evenly over the month.

MT 2 mix properly

The dry matter is with 1 ml or 2 ml NaCl solution or mixed ampoule water. You can also purchase sterile water from us in the steroid shop.

For this purpose, the injection water is supplied with a disposable syringe (An insulin syringe is recommended) drawn up and injected into the ampoule with the 10 mg dry substance Melanotan II. By swiveling it slightly (no shaking!) the active ingredient dissolves immediately in the liquid and is ready to be injected.

The conversion into international units when using insulin syringes can be found in the following table:

Insulinspritzen U-40 / 1ml
Amount in mg 0,25 0,5 0,75 1,0 1,25 1,5
1ml to 10mg MT-2 1,0 i.E. 2,0 i.E. 3,0 i.E. 4,0 i.E. 5,0 i.E. 6,0 i.E.
2ml to 10mg MT-2 2,0 i.E. 4,0 i.E. 6,0 i.E. 8,0 i.E. 10,0 i.E. 12,0 i.E.
Insulinspritzen U-100 / 1ml
Amount in mg 0,25 0,5 0,75 1,0 1,25 1,5
1ml to 10mg MT-2 2,5 i.E. 5,0 i.E. 7,5 i.E. 10,0 i.E. 12,5 i.E. 15,0 i.E.
2ml to 10mg MT-2 5,0 i.E. 10,0 i.E. 15,0 i.E. 20,0 i.E. 25,0 i.E. 30,0 i.E.

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