Human Growth Hormone

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Buy Human Growth Hormone

Buy Human Growth Hormone in the steroid shop. Unfortunately, growth hormones are bought and abused as doping agents and used for bodybuilding. That runs through all competitions, from athletics to cyclists & Swimmers to powerlifting. Many athletes expect the expensive miracle weapon to have a performance-enhancing effect, rapid regeneration after exercise and more effective muscle building and fat loss.

Which athletes also take advantage of: The human growth hormones are very difficult to detect in doping tests, because the HGH somatropin, as it is called in sports, only remains in the blood for a very short time and is therefore only detectable for a very short time.

Human Growth Hormone Muskelwachstum

Human Growth Hormone is the basis for normal height growth. With a low production or a reduced response of the cells to Human Growth Hormone, it comes to a short stature.

Overproduction of Human Growth Hormone Hygetropin results in overgrowth or acromegaly, that is, excessive growth in the not yet ossified areas in the acres such as the chin, nose, Fingers and the skull bone as well as all soft tissues.

Formation of Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormones are made in the brain in the alpha cells in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, so the pituitary gland, educated. That doesn't happen permanently, but always in batches. This is controlled by the hypothalamus with the help of other hormones.

The largest daily release of Human Growth Hormone is during sleep, in the area of ​​the phases of life in puberty.

Human Growth Hormone area of ​​application

Human growth hormones are really only needed by humans, especially children, who have decreased production or poor absorption of Human Growth Hormone. This will be determined by a doctor and then treated with injections of growth hormone.
Good to know: About from 30. At the age of 16 there is a natural decrease in the somatropin level, which is completely normal and harmless.

HGH side effects

Overdosing on HGH Human Growth Hormone can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a lower glucose tolerance an increased tendency to diabetes, Breast enlargements even in men and fluid retention, Growth on nose, Cardiovascular diseases through growth of the internal organs, Ears, Chin and forehead.

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