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Sustanon Testosteron Mix

A Sustanon Testosterone Mix consists of 4 different testosterone components with a different half-life.

  • Testosterone Propionate - 30mg
  • Testosteron Isocaproat – 60mg
  • Testosteron Decanoat - 100mg
  • Testosteron Phenylpropionat – 60mg

The manufacture of the pharmaceutical company Organon was it, which, through a combination of four steroids with different half-lives as part of a testosterone replacement therapy, saved the patient the daily need for injections.

Sustanon Steroid Kur

Experience has shown that the average dosage of Sustanon for athletes and athletes is between 250mg and 1000mg every seven days. Even if a testosterone mix is ​​approx. 1 Month remains active, the normal half-life is approx. 5 Days. The intake should therefore all 8 – 10 Days, to achieve an approximately even effect.

Sustanon experiences

The Sustanon Testostermon Mix is ​​often dosed with 250-350mg, the injection takes place with a period between 3 and 5 Days. A steroid regimen lasts between 12 to 16 Weeks. In the case of higher doses, an estrogen blocker such as exemestane is definitely recommended. Clomiphene is often used for weaning. Many begin the weaning procedure 10 – 14 Days after the last steroid intake.

Sustanon side effects

Mainly acne on the shoulders and neck, hereditary hair loss, Gynecomastia.
Increased aggressiveness, increased blood pressure, increased stress on the liver, heart- Circulatory damage, high water retention.

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