Testosterone Propionate

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Synonyms: The best known is Testoviron , Text P, Test-prop, Propiolic, Testover P, Proppi

Half-life testosterone propionate 48 Hours

This special property of Testo P makes it usable for those, want to take the short steroid cures between eight and ten weeks. The anabolic steroid propionate can be used to lose some fat quickly. Even small amounts of propionate 100 mg are enough to maintain muscle mass, especially when discontinuing a long steroid cure.

Dosage with testosterone propionate

Performance improvements in the fitness area through Testoviron are already achieved from a dosage of 100 mg all 48 Hours achieved. This dosage should also be adhered to with the aim of maintaining muscle after a steroid cure to sneak out.

• Athletes apply testosterone propionate in the range of 100 – 150 mg all 48 – 24 Hours on.
• Advanced bodybuilders consume up to a maximum of weekly 1500 mg and up to 200 mg every day. This high dosage does not necessarily lead to better results. The body has just got used to the anabolic steroid.

Prevention as a tip:

You can use exemestane or anastrozole to combat unwanted breast lumps and water retention.

Use of Testo P:

It is only prescribed by a doctor for therapeutic purposes such as low testosterone levels or impotence & decreased sex drive in men.

Effect of testosterone propionate:

Excellent results can be achieved thanks to Propionate just like for a competition, to stop taking steroids, or the desired muscle building and the resulting weight gain.

1. It increases muscle growth and strength through protein synthesis.
2. The libido- and sperm production increases.
3. It burns fat by increasing the metabolic rate.
4. Your moods will feel better.

Abuse of Testo P:

Testo P Testoviron and other anabolic steroids are abused for upcoming competitions, especially in the bodybuilder sector.

Testoviron Effekte:

1. Weight and strength gain.
2. Improved protein synthesis
3. Improved nitrogen retention
4. Increase in red blood cells in the body
5. Improved IGF-1 production
6. A higher sex drive

Cessation of testosterone propionate

A steroid cure by Testoviron should be wisely discontinued with tamoxifen and clomiphene. The dosage should be reduced week by week until it reaches 50 mg all 48 Hours have arrived. Then get the body's own production going again with Tribulus or ZMA and HCG.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

For risks and side effects from Testo P, please ask your doctor or pharmacist, I'm sure you know this saying. I am only explaining the side effects from narratives.

1. More body hair through masculinization.
2. High blood pressure and resulting headaches.
3. Acne
4. Reduction of the testicles.

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