Testosteron Cypionat

Buy testosterone cypionate im Steroidshop – Buy testosterone cypionate as an anabolic steroid (Testosteron Cypionat) is known under the following synonyms: Test-cyp, Cypiolic, Testover C, Text C

The steroid name is Testosteron Depo and is usually made with 200 -250 mg sold by manufacturers such as Magnus Pharma, Vermodje and Biosira.

Testosteron Cypionat im Bodybuilding

When you strive to be the best , whether in bodybuilding, Fitness or competitive sports, then testosterone cypionate is the means to success. The competition never sleeps and does everything possible to be better than you.

But why is this anabolic steroid called Testo Cyp so popular? Very easily, it improves muscle growth and, at the same time, regeneration from sport can be felt more quickly. Bodybuilders use this advantage to train harder and more regularly than natural opponents.

It also improves nutrient efficiency in the body. Testosterone Cypiolic builds muscle quickly, this means, the more food you eat, the more muscles you develop, instead of being stored as fat.

Testosterone Cypionate Action and Effects

Testosterone cypionate as an anabolic steroid has the same properties as testosterone enanthate. The difference lies in the longer half-life and release rate of more than 8 Days. Testo Cyp has a longer processing time in the body because of the large ester size.

Information Testo Cyp:

Another great thing about Testo Cyp is the suppression of estrogen and extreme fat loss potential. The prerequisite for these impressive results is an intake of thirteen weeks!

Advantages of the Testo Cyp:

  1. massive muscle building and strength increase.
  2. Maintaining muscle quality as well as strength
  3. Improvement in bone strength as well as density
  4. Radical fat loss by improving metabolic activity.
  5. Prevents the formation of new fat cells

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

When taking and dosing testosterone cypionate, different factors play an important role. The dosage prescribed by the doctor is based on age, the experience and goal of using anabolic steroids.

  • In the amateur area, a dosage of 200 mg all 7 Days out to achieve better athletic performance.
  • Professionals, on the other hand, use up to 1000 mg a week for better results.


8 Days and thus one of the longest in the steroid field. Testosterone Cypiolic should be at 20 – 25 Degrees Celsius.

Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Unfortunately, fast and impressive results always have a downside, and that is Side effects. With testosterone cypionate, however, these are manageable and should be clarified with your doctor.

  1. Hair growth in unexpected areas
  2. Breast enlargement
  3. Mood swings
  4. Taking anabolic steroids can cause pimples
  5. unwanted increase in erection that last longer than usual
  6. Headache from rising high blood pressure

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