Testosteron Enantat

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Information on testosterone enanthate

Along with testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate is one of the most widely consumed anabolic steroids. It has a duration of action of around two weeks and is the most widely used and unfortunately also the most frequently counterfeit steroid in Germany and Europe. The best-known brand names of the drug with Testo E include Galenika Testosterone, Aburaihan Testosterone as well as Testoviron Depo and Testosteron Enanthate Swiss Healthcare.

Dosierung Text E:

With a targeted weekly dosage of z. B. 250-350 mg of Testosterone for Amateurs will quickly build effective testosterone levels. The athlete can quickly enjoy the desired increase in performance through testosterone enanthate .

Einnahme Text E:

Bodybuilders who want to feel a fast and reliable as well as strong anabolic effect, dose Galenika testosterone with up to 1000mg per week. This maximum dose should not be exceeded. In order to have an additional positive effect, nandrolone decanoate is often taken with.

Effect of testosterone enanthate

Testosterone enanthate acts very strongly and quickly and is therefore usually used as an anabolic and androgenic steroid to build muscle. It can take up to 3 Take weeks, until a full performance-enhancing level of active ingredient builds up in the blood.

Testosterone Enantat Side Effects

The steroid cure with testosterone enanthate is of course not entirely harmless, Such doping abuse can of course have serious consequences for the important hormonal balance.
Galenika Testosterone has a strong influence on the body's own production of testosterone levels. Therefore, a PCT post cycle therapy with clomiphene or exemestane and HCG must always follow a steroid cure.

Testosterone and Steroid Side Effects:

1. significantly more body hair growth
2. Hereditary loss of hair on the head
3. rising blood pressure
4. Acne on the shoulders and chest
5. oily skin, especially on the face.
6. Gynecomastia

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