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Buy oral steroids for bodybuilding. The body's own adrenal cortex hormone, cortisone, usually causes stress and physical strain (z.B. Weight training) a mobilization of the body's own energy reserves - there is a breakdown of protein bodies (z.B. Muscle breakdown). However, anabolic steroids suppress the effects of cortisone: These accelerate the growth of organs and muscles and promote the formation of the red blood cells that are responsible for transporting oxygen.

Oral steroid effects

Oral steroids are swallowed as tablets. Oral steroids get into the blood, just like the body's own testosterone, into muscle tissue. There they penetrate the cell membrane and bind to specific steroid receptors. This hormone-receptor complex migrates to the cell nucleus, there interacts with the genetic material and thereby triggers the production of new body tissue - especially muscle cells.

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At the same time, oral steroids inhibit, as Danabol DS, via a certain structure in the brain - the hypothalamus - their own production. This self-regulatory mechanism causes, that the androgen concentration in the blood does not exceed a certain level.

That means, that externally supplied synthetic androgens in men reduce the body's own testosterone production in the testicles.

Oral steroids definition

Oral steroids is the umbrella term for a number of synthetic anabolic substances such as Dianabol and Anapolon, which are derived from the body's own male sex hormones - the androgens. The anabolic androgenic steroids therefore include the male sex hormone testosterone and a number of other synthetic derivatives, the body building (anabol) and "masculinizing" (androgen) Act.

Oral steroids side effects

The body is very sensitive to the intake of oral steroids. The long-term effects of oral steroids include hyperthyroidism, Skin impurities, a decrease in head persistence, in men, breast enlargement, Changes in the skeleton- and musculoskeletal system, Water retention in the tissue, Change in blood count and high blood pressure.

people, use the oral steroids longer, have a higher rate of heart attack- and risk of stroke. The excessive oral intake of steroids can cause severe liver damage, in particular lead to jaundice and tumors.

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