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Buy methenolone for your Primabolan competition preparation. There is a study of the use of Primobolan in women, and in most professional opinions it is recommended and believed, that female bodybuilders should play it safe.

The opinion is, that women because of the almost guaranteed masculinization effects such as increased hair growth, which methenolone can also bring with it, should never take DHT derivatives, unless, they are very experienced and desperately want to be successful on stage in a competition.

Methenolon im Bodybuilding

In the year 2001 have been worldwide at 118.314 Total doping controls 47 positive results recorded with methenolone. In the year 2012 could 39 positive results for methenolone in a total of approx. 266.644 Controls are determined worldwide.

Methenolone is used in bodybuilding as an anabolic steroid alongside methandienone (Dianabol) Testosteron Enantat, Nandrolone decanoate as well as stanozolol are among the most abused. It's like all anabolic steroids, a classic doping agent, which, if misused during the training phase, is used to improve muscle building.

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