Post Cycle Therapie PCT

Buy Post Cycle Therapy PCT products to stop your steroid regimen like Anastrozole, Arimidex, Clomifen and Exemestan. In the anabolic and steroid shop you can buy Letrozole 2.5mg without a prescription, Nolvadex, Ovigil or HCG Tamoxifen 10order mg. We have a wide range of Post Cycle Therapy PCT products to help you get off steroids properly.

Post cycle therapy tips

In the case of a weak injectable steroid such as boldenone or an entry-level steroid regimen such as testosterone propionate, the PCT post cycle therapy is certainly composed differently, than with a stronger steroid cure with Trenbolone Enanthate.
Depending on how long a bodybuilder drove the steroid cure and how high the dose of the steroid active ingredients was, the different steroid stacks are put together and dosed.

Post cycle therapy and steroids

The Post Cycle Therapy PCT is definitely very advisable and should be taken seriously.
Post cycle therapy is the correct discontinuation after a steroid cure. Otherwise, the disadvantages of an incorrectly thought-out post cycle therapy can determine the rest of your life and that is not exactly harmless.

Loss of the built-up muscles is the least of these, what can happen. Every user of oral steroids should be aware, that externally injected testosterone, no matter whether it is a short-chain testosterone propionate or medium-chain testosterone enanthate, restricts the body's own production of testosterone.

Negative property of steroids

Many athletes and bodybuilders play with the idea of ​​devoting themselves to the "dark side of bodybuilding" and also to grab the "material". Unfortunately, many forget here, Don't just find out about the steroid side effects of substances like testosterone, but also about discontinuing this. Because especially the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy or in German "Post-Cure Therapy") leads to extreme side effects.

Steroid side effects

Through the use and use of steroids your own testosterone axis becomes (LH/FSH) suppressed and the body listens to endogenous (own) To produce testosterone. Thus, after weaning, the human organism is left without testosterone and must first learn to produce its own again. This is exactly where serious side effects often occur.

Indeed, the PCT products can, that you need, to restore one's own axis, among other things, impair one's vision. But the effects on the psyche are also much worse!

Post Cycle Therapie Kur Plan

During a longer steroid regimen, the exogenous testosterone intake in extremely high doses is usually in the range of 750mg and up. The body can definitely not do this for a period of time 12-18 Weeks in a violently anabolic state and then just go on as before.

It would be almost too annoying, to lose the muscle mass built up naturally and laboriously even with the use of a health risk. Post cycle therapy is also responsible for this task.

week Nolvadex HCG Aromasin Vitamin E
1 20mg / day 500IU / Tag 20mg / day 1,000IU / Tag
2 20mg / day 500IU / Tag 20mg / day 1,000IU / Tag
3 20mg / day 500IU / Tag 20mg / day 1,000IU / Tag
4 20mg / day 20mg / day
5 20mg / day
6 20mg / day

Effects of Post Cycle Therapy

Effective Post Cycle Therapy aims to achieve the following goals, that you want to achieve with the help of the PCT:

  • Restoration of the body's endogenous testosterone production
  • Inhibition of estrogen production
  • Preservation of the built-up muscle mass
  • Reduction in cortisol
  • Minimizing fat gain
  • Balancing our hormones, to reduce possible negative effects
  • Increase in libido and mood

During an anabolic, Prohormon- or SARM cure, you are giving your body an extremely high dose of testosterone or other hormones or hormone precursors exogenously. The body becomes over a period of 12 – 16 Weeks in an extremely anabolic state and then cannot simply go on as before. Post cycle therapy products like HCG Ovigil will therefore help you after the cure, to get the body's own production of testosterone going again.

You also worked hard to gain lean muscle mass during a cure, which you naturally want to receive after the cycle. Here, too, a PCT will help you, prevent the absorption of fat and maintain your muscle mass and strength.

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